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A new school year has begun for the children of the local primary school and so also for us. This year we have again the great opportunity to assist there. We have started to assist in the sports lessons and in the afternoon school. Since an additional building has been added, we helped with setting it up, transferring the furniture and materials and decorating it with educational yard games. Additionally we helped setting up the new physics and chemistry room in which we prepare and present some experiments for the children. We also helped to rearrange the library room, so that the children are able to wait and play there until the school starts, as well as having the music lessons and various workshops, in which we also assist.

Additionally we have accompanied the classes on their excursions, e.g. to the Beach of Daskalopetra, the Maritime Museum of Chios, the Korais Library, the Windmills of Vrontados and Chios, as well as to the Educational Museum in Vrontados and the local Sewage Treatment Plant.