Children’s Presentations on

A new section on and therefore a new challenge for our team: People’s Voices

The concept is to record the children, who are presenting their home – Chios Island.

The presentations are prepared by the children and our part is to take the video and brief the children. We started by splitting the tasks and after a few weeks of recording, editing, criticizing, learning and improving, it is nice watch our team working.

Everybody developed skills in his particular section and by working together and sharing our knowledge we learn and improve every recording-schedule.

The process of recording one presentation includes many steps: First we meet the children at school. While some of us are instructing and motivating the children the others are setting up the technological part. After our steady camera is adjusted on the tripod, the movable camera is correctly set to the lighting, the external microphone is connected to the audio-recording-device and the children are relaxed but motivated on their positions, a “three, two, one” triggers the recording buttons. With the footage in our backpacks, we return to the computers and start editing the material.

Finally a few cuts, audio-effects and titles later, the loading-bar indicates the uploading to our youtube-channel.

While we already recharge our devices, the children can watch themselves on’s section: People’s Voices.

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