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Finally, the school year 2016/17 started! We will continue our great cooperation with the 2nd and 3rd primary school of Vrontados, the primary school of Katarraktis and of Nenita. Volunteers of TES will help as assistant teachers in the classrooms, outside with the sports teacher or in the breaks, prepare material for the lessons and run the libraries to give children the opportunity to read different books for free. Our goal is to support the children and teachers, so it is profitable for everyone. Every of our assistant teachers has different talents to bring in. Our help can be in various forms: we can do creative handicrafts and decorations for celebrations or Powerpoint presentations and other work with programs to create multimedia lessons. The presence of European volunteers will also improve the knowledge of the children about other nationalities and their cultures.
In the following articles we will keep you up to date about the work we do, the celebrations in the schools, excursions with classes, eTwinning and other projects we realize in the context of the educational procedure of the schools of Chios.