3rd Primary School of Vrontados – Athletics Competition

On Friday, 03.03.17 children of all schools of Chios Island came together in the stadium of Chios city. It was a big meeting of the very best athletes from the fourth to the sixth grade of the primary school.

Of course also the 3rd School of Vrontados sent their children to compete with the islands’ top athletes. Our team was:

2 girls 50m running (5th grade)
2 boys 50m running (6th grade)
2 girls 1000m running (5th & 6th grade)
2 boys 1000m running (5th grade)
1 boy 50m running amea (6th grade)
1 girl jumping (6th grade)
1 boy jumping (6th grade)
1 girl standing jump (3rd grade)
1 boy standing jump (3rd grade)
1 girl throwing vortex (6th grade)
1 boy throwing vortex (6th grade)

…and of course the sport teacher with the TES volunteers

It was a very impressive experience and an incredible atmosphere. All kids were wearing the tricot of their school and we felt like we were in the Olympics! Because the sport teacher had to always to run around the stadium being present in all the different sports, we helped to be with the children who were waiting for their run. We motivated the team and prepared them physically with warming-up exercises as. Besides the sportive and emotional support, we took a lot of photos of our schools’ athletes to make a documentation for the school as well as capturing these nice moments for the children themselves.

In the end of the day, the hard work and the weeks-long preparation and training in school paid off! Even if Agios Markos in Vrontados is only a small school without perfect conditions and sports ground to practice athletics, we won 3 medals! The whole is proud of:

Gold medal in throwing vortex (girls)
Silver medal in 50m running amea (boys)
Bronze medal in standing jump (boys)

Congratulations to all and of course to their teacher!

To see all the pictures go into our gallery!