Christmas Time

During the Christmas time we had the very nice opportunity to take part at the preparations for the decorations of the primary school.
In the morning we participated at the lessons of the 2nd grade.

The teacher read out some Christmas stories, which they really enjoyed listening to. Afterwards, they created drawings about the traditional Christmas items in Greece, in which they involved us very nicely.

After this, we accompanied the 6th grade at their walk through the neighbourhood to look at the different types of buildings.
In the afternoon program of the school – which is offered to children who’s parents have to work until the afternoon – we helped to decorate wreaths called “stefania”, which we afterwards gave to them as a present to the pupils participating the afternoon program of the school.

On two other days, we assisted the 2nd class in the preparations for their little Christmas performance which they presented to the school, their families and friends. They had rehearsals of sketches, songs and poems in the community theater of the culture club P.E.K.E.V.

We assisted them in drawing some stage decorations and hanging them up on the stage of the P.E.K.E.V. club.

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