As the original website “” was created in 2005 as a result of the youth exchange “Fire 2005”, the design of the site was already old-fashioned compared to our recent websites. So, we transfered the content of the former site to a new template to give it a more appealing and modern look.

On the new page “” the visitors can inform themselves about the yearly traditional event Rocket War, that takes place in Vrontados, Chios. Moreover they can get to know about the history and origins of this local custom taking place in the night before Easter Sunday. They can also read commentaries of visitors from all over Europe in which they report about their impressions of the event.
Especially, the numerous pictures showing fascinating moments of the big event are very impressive. From these pictures one can imagine how unique it must be to experience an event like this where thousands of rockets that are shot create a rain of fire.
Furthermore we have translated the English version of “” into other languages, at the moment into Greek, Polish, German, French and Norwegian.