Aegean Regatta

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The Aegean Regatta takes place annually since 2001 and is the leading regatta in the Aegean Sea. But what exactly is a regatta? It is a series of boat races mostly with sailing boats that last for a few days and are often surrounded by other events.
The routs of the Aegean Regatta change every year. In 2017, for example, the event took place from August, 19 to August, 26 and the sailors could travel to the islands of Patmos, Astypalaia, Nisyros and Rhodes. The regatta is not just about winning a prize. It is also about seeing different places, attracting visitors and simply to enjoy this beautiful sport.
This is one reason why we also decided to participate in these races. We may not be the best sailors but we are a motivated international team that wants to explore the Aegean Sea and wants to prove its skills.