Primary School of Nenita – Aegean Botanic Garden

It is the beginning of May, the days are warmer and the end of school is in sight. What better time to take the school for an excursion. In Nenita you do not have to walk far to find a beautiful place with a lot of space for children to play. As a volunteer you might also discover new places that you did not know about at all when going on an excursion with the school. This is how I discovered the beautiful Botanic Garden of Nenita. It overlooks the sea and has a huge area where the children can play.

I experienced a lot of things during this excursion: we built castles out of things we found on the floor, we played catch, we braided each other’s hair, we played football and volleyball and we engaged ourselves in a game related to the Greek reality show “Survivor” that everyone seems to watch these days.

The children were happy and carefree and if they were sad it was only for a short time because their friends and I quickly cheered them up again. It was a perfect and fun summer day!

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