2nd Primary School of Vrontados – The excursion to Kampos

As part of their lesson about the right way of nourishment the third class went for an excursion to the beautiful Kampos of Chios with a tour guide and we had possibility to accompany them there.

The area of Kampos is one of the most characteristic areas of Chios which has a fantastic residential complex and which is protected by the Greek Ministry for Culture. The impressive mansions made out of stone look despite their dignity as if they are in total dignity with the big citrus gardens which surround them.

Firstly we went with the children trough the small roads between the gardens being amazed of the big walls which surrounded every garden. Walls which protected the gardens from extreme weather conditions, prying eyes and which could show of the strength of the owner, who had his residence behind.

Then we went inside a garden learning about the inner system of architecture with their arched doors, the beautiful balconies and terraces, the huge iron garden doors, the grounds made of white and black pebble and more while not forgetting that it was not just beautiful but that it also had all a reason.

One very important thing we were explained very clearly and we could experience as well with our own hands was the watering system they had for their plantations.
They used a tool called “Maganos”, a traditional way of irrigation.

At the end we went to a big garden called “Citrus”, where we also visited a museum.
There the children played a quiz to get to know better the area and we learned a lot about the tools they used, the way of living in this time, the importance of the citrus fruits and for sure about the history of the place, before the Genoese, under their occupation, under the Ottoman occupation and more.

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