2nd Primary School of Vrontados – the 25th of March Celebration in School

Today the children from the 6th class performed in a play for the celebration of the 25th of March.

After many rehearsals and a lot of preparation they greatly presented the historical happenings of Souli in front of two different audiences. Firstly the play was shown to all the students of the 2rd primary school of Vrontados, and later the parents entered the library building and enjoyed their children’s’ performance.

During the play, the children acted, danced and sang together the traditional songs about the national celebration.

It was a big effort for the actors to learn the scripts and the steps and we assisted them during the preparation by creating the setting, helping the children with their costumes and managing the music.

But the effort was worth it and the result was a great experience for both the actors and the audience.

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