2nd Primary School of Vrontados: Excursion to Pantoukios

Friday 1st of april, all of the classes of the 2nd School of Vrontados went on an excursion to Pantoukios, in this Village we could find a small café where the children could buy beverages and a snack, and close by there was a beach.

Some of the children went down to the beach to collect sea-shells; others played football in the streets.

During the day the children discovered many different creatures of the sea, a fisherman fishing close by where the children were playing, fished a small fish which he gave to the children in a small cup, they carried the fish around for a few minutes when they finally voted if they should release the fish into the ocean again.

Some of the children captured crabs.

The children brought money, so that they could buy ice-cream or different snacks. It was a relaxed day, but also educational for the small children.

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