Christmas time in Nenita’s kindergarten

Christmas is the best time in all year. Everybody are waiting for Christmas trees and many lights and decoration on the streets. First of all we can’t wait for spent time with our families. But Christmas needs preparation. Children and volunteers from kindergarten in Nenita started preparing things from 1st of December.

We started amusing project, we call it ‘4 uses rolls from toilet paper’. So, special for 24 days before Christmas we made Advent Calendar. It was 24 gifts or boxes which looked like presents for the children.

Then we invented paper reindeers. We just prepared antlers and noses for paper animals. Children made the rest. They drew eyes and mouth. They had so much fun.

We used  the rolls from toilet paper to make flowers like ‘star of Bethlehem’.  We cut it, painted and added some glitter. Then we connected a few flowers and created  wonderful Stefani. When we finished we hanged it in front of the door.  It looked amazing. I think it was very good idea. Stefani remind us ‘Christmas is coming!’.

We made funny Christmas tree. It looks like spiral with many shiny decoration.

Also for decoration we made a lot of Christmas trees with strained glass. It beautiful when the sun go inside kindergarten and brighten the trees with many colorful papers. Then all kindergarten is magical. It is incredible.

One day we wanted to make something and we found Swedish star. It looks very simple, but it was not. It needed a lot of thing to do. Finally we managed. Now it is hanging in the kindergarten, so when you go in you  can notice  huge colorful  star as symbol of  Christmas holidays.

If  you have old CD which doesn’t work and you don’t know what you can do with. I said you can use it as… reindeers. We cut antlers and noses and made funny reindeers.

Also we used simple materials like boxes from eggs and plastic plates  to make flowers of light and snowmen but now it looks so beautiful and we didn’t need something special.

I want to tell about decoration for Christmas tree. We made a lot of stuff for example

Of course when we were making everything we had a little help- the children. They always were eager to do something. That’s why we enjoyed this time with them and we created wonderful stuff at the same time.

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