School Yard Paintings

Before the school started again after the long summer break here in Greece, we decided to welcome the pupils from the primary school with some nice and colourful games on their school yard.

To get some ideas how to create paintings where the children could do jumping games on, we went to a primary school of another village where already former volunteers did these creations.
So, in the last week of the vacations started the paintings that should beautify the school yard a bit and invite the children to be active during the breaks. We used waterproof paint to make sure that these items are kept there for a long time.

While painting, some children that played on the school yard got interested in helping us. So it developed that each day there were enthusiastic children which enjoyed helping us. For us it was a pleasure to get to know them and to introduce ourselves already a bit before the actually school start. The most important thing was that in the end the children were part of the creating team and could consider this work as their own, and of course to have fun while doing it!

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