Baking Traditional Biscuits

In the week before the Easter holidays some parents and grandparents offered to come to the school to make “koulourakis”  with the chidlren. They prepared the dough  down in the libray and then the classes came down one by one to form the small Greek cookies. We also had the opportunity to help make the cookies..

Alll of students participated and there were almost as many different cookie-shapes, among them snails, hearts, letters, twists, circles and so on. We also added some formed like German Brezels.

When all the trays were filled we accompanied the children down to the local bakery.

When the cookies were done, we helped the parents to wrap them in little baskets for all the children and teachers. We counted over 500 koulouriakis.

We didn’t only enjoy the cookies very much, but the whole experience of making them with the children and parents!

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