Coloring Easter Eggs

During the period before Easter, a Greek tradition is to color eggs, like in other countries all over the world. So also the children at school were coloring eggs with their teachers. We were invited to watch the coloring and to learn about this Greek tradition. Even tough some volunteers of our team are used to this tradition we were surprised how creative and versatile the eggs are colored:

Having a set of different liquids, colors, jars and things to decorate the eggs in front the coloring it self seems to be a trade. One example:

The first layer of the egg’s shell is removed by bathing it in vinegar. After having a clean surface decorative objects, like leaves, are pressed on the shell and fixed by using an old tight. Furthermore the egg is colored by lowering into a boiling liquid made of color and water. Cooling the egg and removing the elastic cage, the shape of the leave becomes visible on the egg’s shell.

Impressed by the teacher’s skills and enthusiasm we are looking forward learning more about the Greek Easter-traditions.

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