Christmas celebration 2nd primary school Vrontados

For the upcoming Christmasdays the 2nd primary school of Vrontados, Chios celebrated in the library of the school.
This time the first and second class prepared a nice role play with the help of us volunteers.
Basically it was about the magical change of a person from a bad character to a good one.
Some children represented the months, each one wearing a matching costume.
After the wicked person entered the stage presenting its negative attitudes.
In the end it was the positive person, dressed in white, who was able to change the mind of the bad person.
The audience of the first performance mainly consisted of the pupils parents while the audience of the second performance mainly consisted of the pupils.
In between the children also sang in a choir supported by music and the piano.
Therefore we volunteers prepared the electronic devices and played the piano.
Another task was to help to put the decoration for the library and removing it afterwards.
The celebration was a felicitous happy ending of the first school period and the people were looking forward to christmas.

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