1st primary school of Nenita – baking day

To get into the right Christmas mood the best thing is to bake. Because of this, the teacher of the 1st class of primary school in Nenita planned a baking day for the children at the beginning of December.

First the children had to think about the ingredients they need for baking a cake. They thought about how to write the ingredients and wrote a shopping list. After they finished we went to the supermarket of Nenita. The children searched for all the ingredients and paid.

As everything was prepared the children started on the next day with baking. Like professional bakers the children were equipped with baking hats, pinafores and gloves.

During baking every child was involved and had their own tasks. They had to weight the amounts of the ingredients and mixed everything together. The children had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this day.
The result was a very tasty cake which the class enjoyed a lot eating it.

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