2nd primary School of Vrontados – Celebration of Liberty

One day before the 11/11/17 the second primary school of Vrontados/Chios celebrated the liberation of the Chiotes in the school-library.
Back then the Turkish oppressed the poor Chiots and slained many of them crucially.
The children rehearsed a lot of historical text beforehand, reconstructing the happenings in detail.
They presented it proudly and loudly in front of the audience consisting of parents, teachers and students.
In between they performed a traditional Chiotic dance and sang multiple times as a choir supported by the piano, mandolin and drum.

For us volunteers there was a lot to do as well.
Next to helping to tidy the room afterwards we volunteers exercised with the children and played the piano as well as drums.
Another task was it to take many neat pictures of the ceremony…

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