Autumn in the kindergarten

It becomes autumn and even in Greece it becomes at least a bit cold outside. Also in the kindergarten we talk about this fascinating time of the year. Firstly, the children learned about the leaves that fall off the trees now and appear in many different colors: yellow, red, brown… some leaves also remain green like the ones of the olive trees. And what is the best you can do with colorful leaves is of course: crafting! We made many beautiful heads with the children with leaves as their hair which was very funny. Every child had his individual leaf-head in the end.

Furthermore, we decided that the summer window decoration is not appropriate anymore and we created some transparent leaves and a kite which always looks friendly at you when you watch out of the window. The other window is now decorated with a colorful rainbow, a sun, rain and an umbrella. Of course, we also learned about various fruits like pomegranates or quinces and crafted garlands and 3-D apples for this topic. In the end, we had a new decorated classroom also with another drawings like mosaics or colorful autumn – landscapes.

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