Easter time in Nenita’s Kindergarten

In the kindergarten of Nenita we work as assistant teachers. Our task is to support and to help the teacher in the everyday work every time they need it. We assist the teacher to supervise children or to contribute during the lesson. Usually, most of the work is to prepare material for the lesson. For special occasion, like Christmas, Carnival, Easter, etc., we help the children to prepare something to bring home for their family or just to hold in the classroom.

This year for Easter children prepared “little chicks”!
We started helping the children to draw the outline of their hands and the outline of the chicks. Then we cut out the “hands” while the children cut out the “chicks”.
After that we prepared eyes, noses, beaks and paws and we glued them on the chicks.

To finish the children decorated the “little chicks” gluing small colored balls of paper.

For Easter we also helped the teachers to create “lamps” using little jars and decorating them!

When we finished we also made small basket shaped flower with papers.

And this week, we prepared a poster for UNICEF. We started helping the teacher to thinking a nice way of how to do it. When we found it, children had drawn faces of children of different nationalities, while we prepared flags of different countries. Then we glued the faces and the flags and to finish we helped the children to make a rainbow using small colored balls.

When we finish work with paper stuff we can just play with children with all the material that the school offers them. We can draw with them, paint, use lego, make collages, use plasticine, play with a lot of toys and many others things!
This experience offers a fantastic learning opportunity to the volunteers, not only to improve the language, but also to learn from “firsthand” customs and tradition of the place that is impossible to know and to learn in other ways.
This opportunity is not good only for the volunteers but also for children! They are very happy to play with us and interested to have in the classroom someone that arrived from another country that is not a “usual teacher”.

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