3rd Primary School of Vrontados – Erasmus +program, day 2

The second day of this European exchange was a bit quieter but nevertheless very interesting.
Indeed, 2 psychologists came to play games with the children about emotional and social skills.

Before this activity, we firstly helped the English teacher to create links between the children from Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey with a pantomime game. Divided in 4 groups, they learned to play in team and to perform in front of the others.

Then, started the real activity of the day : separated in two groups, the children introduced themselves to each other and played group games. In some activities they had to focus on their feelings, alone or with a partner from another country. They also talked about how to behave with other people. Finally we did one last game this morning : every child had a white paper in his back and all of the others had to write a nice word on it, like “kind, cool, beautiful, funny…”, because it’s always important to say compliments and always very pleasant to receive them.

Through all this games they built friendship and they learn more about heir own emotions and how to behave in society. Afterwards, we planted the “Flowerbed of friendship” : Every group of children planted flowers and plants to represent their country. This small garden in the schoolyard will stay here for many years in order to remind everyone here this amazing Erasmus exchange and the relationship between the countries and the participants themselves.

At noon, our paths separated on the road to Daskalopetra…


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