2nd Primary School of Vrontados – Celebration of the Οχι-Day

On the 27th of October the third primary school celebrated the Οχι-day.
Therefore the well-dressed children of the fourth class, their parents, the teachers and us volunteers assembled in the school-library.
The headmaster introduced everyone and praised the children beforehand for the afford, they put into the preparation of the program.
The children fulfilled the expectations through presenting poems learned by heart as well as singing in a choir.
One child even accompanied the choir on the electrical piano.
Between the arrangements the teachers showed some videos via projector in order to depict the cultural background.
The whole celebration was a success and the audience gave plenty of applause .

We volunteers could also help a lot.
For instance we decorated the library by fixing historical posters all around and helped during the many Rehearsals.
Furthermore we took pictures during as well as after the ceremony and carried chairs back to their origin place.
The celebration was a nice experience.

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