Greek Independence Parade 25th of March

On 25th of March dressed up people with a smile and Greek flags were everywhere on the streets. What was happening? It was the Greek Independence Day, a day to celebrate together in the streets! The members of Greek schools and associations marched in several parades to honor the independence from Turkey. The students of kindergartens, Primary Schools, High Schools and cultural associations like scouts, folkloric or sport clubs participated in the parade side by side with the army and security forces. Of course also the students from the Second Primary School of Vrontados took part in this event and marched in a parade in Vrontados. It seemed like the whole island came together in Chios city to cheer to the marching people there. Everybody had Greek flags and waved them proudly while enjoying the celebration events. In this kind of parades you get the opportunity to see traditional dresses as well as listen to traditional music.

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