The programme, the teachers set up, involves presentation of the visiting countries held by the children of each class, so our task was to assist the classes’ teachers to gather materials and to teach them to the pupils.

Each volunteer was responsible for one class, so we searched for customs, dances, specialties, songs, and basic language vocabulary of Italy, Poland, Iceland, Norway and Estonia.

The children had a lot of fun to learn about a country that is so different compared to their own (especially the Northern countries!). It was not at all difficult for them to sing a song by heart with lyrics and words that they don’t even understand. With a lot of enthusiasm they practiced the folk dances we taught them, which we learned just by watching videos on YouTube.

It is the aim of the Comenius programme to get a certain internationality into the class room and to already give the young children a feeling for European values and cultures. And we could really see it that the pupils not just only had a lot of learning a funny sounding song, but also that they broadened their horizon a bit more.

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