Assisting in the Project

Already in the beginning of March 2012 we took part in preparing, step by step, this project which will take part in the middle of June 2012 for 5 days.

We sat together with the primary school teachers to discuss, in which ways we can be an assistance for them and which tasks we could take to help them realizing the event.

The teachers had put together a very well structured and interesting program for the European visitors. Besides presentations about the visitors’ countries held by each class of the primary school, a visit around the school and the surrounding area, there will be also trips around Chios City and to some important parts of the island.

Luckily, we the volunteers are able to take part in some parts of this program during the week the visitors will be here. For example, We will help to guide the visitors in the school and the neighborhood, and we will help to set up and to prepare a dinner with traditional food.