3rd Primary School of Vrontados – Football competition

The last Monday was a unique day for us, because we TES volunteers went to the school football competition – but not as visitors! We were the coaches of the team of our school because the sport teacher was with other children on an excursion abroad.

Before the math day, we developed a strategy all together with the players of the Agios Markos team: the system (5-2-1), the main team that starts the game and which player can replace what position on the field.
We arrived with the mini bus to the stadium of Chios city and found a great atmosphere. All around the stadium were different teams from all over the island and all the kids were super motivated and happy…

After some delay because the two matches before ours both went into penalty shootouts, we finally had our first match. Unfortunately, we lost 7-2 against the football team of the 6th school of Chios. Maybe we were still a little bit sleepy or we didn’t do enough warm-up or we just needed some more time to start or or or…

But nevertheless, the team didn’t lose hope! We knew that we had another game coming and another chance to proof ourselves on the grass of the Chios stadium. We made a new plan together and changed our goalkeeper. The mission was to give in the second and last game 100%, keep running, playing more passes and be one team. We didn’t want to disappoint the parents who came to watch us from the grand stand and of course ourselves.

Very nervous, we started the match against Pyri. But after we scored to the 2-0, the pressure was gone and we enjoyed a good match. In the end we even won 4-1! With one victory and one defeat, we can be happy and proud. All of the 14 children had their time on the field and was part of the success of the team Agios Markos Vrontados. With team spirit, we turned a demotivating 7-2 into a 4-1 victory… Or how others would have told me this day: One finger can break, but five are a fist!

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