ChiosRadio Video Recordings

ChiosRadio is proud to present its new section: People’s Voices. Our radio station features a new section and at the same time a new dimension: Video. The idea is to record children’s presentations about different parts of Chios Island;

Great idea, motivated children and no experiences in shooting videos, therefore it is as always when we start a new project.

Our pioneer work begins by shooting a children’s interview of the sixth class: The entire process, like briefing the children, choosing the setting, checking the microphone and camera and recording the video.

After facing the challenge of post-editing our first video-recording was done and even tough we found a lot of aspects to improve, we rated our work as a respectable recording.

All in all it is an ideal start of a new project within the TES-Project itself: We realized the idea, as best as possible by doing research before and we reflected our own work in order to organize and improve the process. Doing field trials with pupils and gaining knowledge and experiences is fun, improves our skills and represents a prototype of non-formal-learning.

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