3rd Primary School of Vrontados – Excursion to Daskalopetra

On October 5 our school took a trip to the beach Daskalopetra. This beautiful beach is actually not that far from our school and therefore the perfect location for an excursion with the whole school. Next to the beach there’s a playground and a basketball court. The children had a lot of fun discovering everything that was offered and opened up competing massage studios next to the beach, where they treated teachers as well as us volunteers. They used stones and other materials they could find to decorate their “studios”.

Some children went to see Homer’s stone, others just stayed within the playground and entertained themselves there. Especially the boys enjoyed spending the time playing soccer together, as the weather was warm but not too hot. It was great for the children to bond with the older and younger students.

After a few hours we went back to the school.

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