Last Days of School

The schoolyear finished although seems that was yesterday when we started this schoolyear 2013/2014 but the end has arrived. In the Second School of Vrontados we have had two days of celebrations for enjoying the artistic performing our students had prepared with the help and guide of the teachers and us.
The first day, the children did rehearsals in the morning for being prepared for the performing in front of the parents, family and friends. That day in the evening each class sang, danced, acted and had a really great time all together. The children proved that they are true and multitalented artists.

The second day in the morning our students did a little sport tournament, each class divided in two teams compete in some funny games. The last event but for sure not least was the goodbye to the sixth class, the next year they will be in the high school starting the new period of their student lives. The children read about their experiences and memories of the primary school, received their diplomas, danced and sang for the teachers and family. All our students that leave us get good grades and we hope for them the best in their new school.

We have to say goodbye to our students until next September so be good and enjoy the summer!
καλό καλοκαίρι παιδιά!!!

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