Visit to Nea Moni

On 1st of April the Second Primary School of Vrontados visited the popular monastery of Nea Moniin the centre of the island.

This monastery has an important history: It has been trough rough things like the known massacre of Chios on the Good Friday in 1822 and an earthquake in 1883 but it was reconstructed again. Nowadays, on the outside it looks as beautiful as in the past and inside you can imagine how amazing the complete mosaics must have looked like. One other reason for its popularity is the many relics inside the Katholikon. There are saint’s bones as well as bones from victims of the massacre. Besides the monastery buildings, there is an interesting museum where you can see the traditional clothing of the religious people who lived there, old paintings and the objects used for the ceremonies. Everything is well preserved and presented in a way that you really can imagine how living there was. Another reason why you shouldn’t miss a trip to Nea Moni is the amazing view over the mountains with the forest and the sea. It is located so high because you can see the whole Turkish coast as well as a huge part of the shore of our beautiful island Chios.

The children enjoyed learning more about their ancestors and the island’s history. The museum of Nea Moni offers an interesting way of learning everything about it.

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