Carnival Celebration

It was carnival time and so we attend two celebrations for the students. Before we had the chance to buy some costumes.

The first carnival celebration was on a Saturday evening in a Hotel near Karfas and organized from some parents. This carnival party was for the children as well as for their parents, siblings and grandparents.
We dressed up with our costumes as a parrot, pirate, Devil, Mexican and as a penguin. It was really funny!

Once arrived we went to the table who was reserved for the teachers and us. We ate very good food and took a lot of photos. The costumes of the children were very amazing and they were also surprised and happy to see us with our fancy dresses. The dancing area in the middle of the room was full of children. They had a lot of fun and we also joined the activities.

Later we helped the teachers with some games and played and danced with the pupils. We also joined some traditional dances and it was really great.

At the end we enjoyed this amazing evening a lot and were glad to stay there.

The following Friday at school was the second celebration. All the children were dressed up and we split into different classes.

The first class danced a traditional dance with ribbons and one volunteer helped to hold the stick in the middle. The fourth class was dancing in the classroom and one girl performed a traditional belly-dance.

But the most of the classes were outside to play a big game together. The girls gathered on one side of the sports field and the boys on the other side. Every child had a number and when the teacher said this number the both from the different teams had to run into the middle to catch a sprig. The one who caught first and belonged to the aim got a point. The pupils as well as the teachers really liked this game and had a lot of fun.

In the end two volunteers joined the third class and danced to actual songs with the girls.

It was also a nice experience and all the volunteers liked the carnival in Greece.

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