2nd Primary School Vrontados – Sportsday

In the beginning of October the Second Primary School of Vrontados had sports-day, a day – as the name might tell you already – all about learning about sports and doing sport-activities.
The children had three different kinds of lessons in this day.
Station one of three was doing sport games outside on the football field of the schoolyard.
The sports teacher played mostly running games like relay races, where always two classes competed against each other.
Teachers and children cheered for their class or team-members and all of them gave the best they could.
In the end nobody was a real looser or winner.
It was all about team spirit, fairness and having fun.

Station two of three was doing different kinds of handicrafts in the classrooms.
Some classes coloured pictures of their favourite sports and discussed about it.
We – the volunteers – helped the teachers in different classes with the projects by taking photographs, drawing, keeping the children quite and concentrated, talking with them about sports and with this improving our Greek skills,… there were a lot of things to do.
In the third class, they drew the outline of one girl which was looking like a marathon runner in the end.
Afterwards all of the children coloured it, drew a face and sportswear and collected different words concerning sport activities, that they wrote on the paper later as well.

Station three took part in the school library.
We putted chairs and some couches and started different educational videos that the children watched.
In this way they could learn something about the Olympic Games and other different sport-activities.
The teachers explained more about it in between as well, so it was more than just sitting around and watching videos.

In the end of the day everybody learned something new.
The program of the school was a good mixture out of sport-activities, creative and educational work.
Also for us volunteers it was a nice experience and a varied task.

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