The 25th of March Play

It was the Work of one Month, planning, designing and preparing. Creating costumes from paper and pasteboard, turning household items into props and much more. Finally, on the 21st of March, we could see our labor in action, and what we saw was unique.

In the Carnival Play, written by one of the teachers and involving the whole school about the history of Greece being occupied by the Turks, the children did a great performance over one hour, presenting a well composed mixture of dance interludes and acting. While we were proud to see the youngsters performing so brilliantly, we were also filled with pride when seeing them in the costumes and props we created before for this very moment: From the shoes up to the hat we designed some of the traditional Greek clothes from nothing but simple materials, which yet, together with the acting, managed to impress the audience and us as well.

All in all it was a very successful evening, and from the smiles on both our and the parents and family member’s faces we once again realized, that our work means something, and we are proud that we could help in the realization of this great evening.

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