Excursion to the greenhouse

It’s beautiful Spring time in Chios and the flowers blooming a lot now. So it is the best time for a excursion to a big greenhouse with a lot of flowers.

At the beginning of April we left the school with three of the classes from  primary school by bus. The second, the third and the fourth class were very happy about this and interested in.

We drove about 20 Minutes into the Mountains and there we came across with the greenhouse. It was a big area full of glasshouses with flowers and different plants in it. We went inside in two groups. At first the fourth class had one guided tour inside. Later the second and the fourth followed.

One man explained and guided the classes and their teacher all the important and interesting knowledge about their work. Most of the children were really interested in and asked the guide a lot of questions about it. He showed us also some technical things and in the end the pupils got a present: The men gave the teacher a huge bouquet of flowers, for every child one rose.

They were very happy about this and all the students enjoyed this Spring day a lot. We also had a lot of fun with the children and the chance to get to know some of them better than before. We are really looking forward to the next excursion!

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