Museums in Kallimassia

In April all the pupils of the Primary School of Vrontados did an excursion together: They went to the ,,Folklore Museum of Kallimassia”!

One sunny Tuesday morning, after the daily welcoming at school, we went with all the six classes to the two buses in front of the school. We drove about 30 Minutes into the mountains before we arrived in Kallimassia. It is a nice village with a big High School.

The Folklore Museum is located in the cellar of this school, which was created by one former teacher of the High School. He has collected, together with the help of many other people, different stuff which is old and interesting for a museum like this. He furnished different rooms and separated them into various topics. For example a kitchen (κουζίνα), the living room (σαλόνι), a bedroom (υπνοδωμάτιο) or a store (κατάστημα). This rooms are furnished like about 100 years ago.

You also could have a look on old radios, weapons, games like chess or an old instrument. Very proud was the guide of the machines which were used to make olive oil. Big stones crushed the olives and so it was easier for the people  in the past to produce oil. The guide devoted a lot of time for the children, told them a lot of historian stories and even sung with the students of the first and second class.

We also visited another museum very close to the school. It was about medicine and dead animals. You could see a lot of animals, small ones like a beetle as well as bigger ones like a fox. The guides presented this also very interesting for the children and they were very happy.

Later they played basketball or other games together at the school playground of the High school. It was a very nice excursion and the pupils as well as the teachers were enthusiastic and very interested. We had a lot of fun with the children and learned a few new words in Greek.

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