Creating costumes

As volunteers we are able to do many creative and various tasks. One of these was creating costumes for the 1st class of the Third  Primary School of Vrontados. The children performed a play at the school and needed some costumes of sea animals like crabs, calamari, fish and octopuses. The task was not easy but two heads are better than one.

Everyone had many ideas but finally we agreed that each of us would have one sea animal to create. We used materials such as: blotting paper, clews and colored paper. We started cutting out the calamaris’ and octopus’ arms from blue and orange blotting paper, then we put some spots made out of silver and gold paper on it. We hung the parts on the elastic eraser which let the costume turn out as a skirt in the end.

The crab-costumes consisted of two parts: the corpus was to put around the child’s belly and for the hands we prepared crab-pincers.

The most laborious task was creating the fish-costumes because we had to cut out a lot of flakes to represented the body and then we had to sew them on vertical strings. The final effect was remarkable.

The next day we went to the school to give to children the costumes. All of them, and the teacher as well, were impressed. It was a very nice lesson of creativity and we were proud of ourselves while seeing the smile on the children’s faces.

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