Cultural Project Performance

On one of the last days before the school summer holidays, the 2nd and 5th class did a performance for their families. It was the end of a cultural project that the classes did during the month before.

The 2nd class invited the grandparents to some of their lessons to tell them about their childhood, about what kind of traditions they had, which games they played and especially which folk songs they used to sing.
Related to this project the class visited the chapelle of Agia Marina some weeks before.

With this project the children got to know more about traditions and customs of Chios. Moreover, they learned many folk songs and games, which made them grow closer to their origins.

On the day of the performance the 2nd class presented all of the songs they learned during the project. For one song, which tells a story like a chain reaction, the children even dressed up in costumes which was a nice amusement for the audience.

The 5th class had the topic “water” and presented poems and texts of Greek authors concerning this subject. Power Point presentations created by the pupils emphasized their presentation in which they put pictures they had taken.

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