School Year Closing Ceremony

On the 14th of June we took part in the closing ceremony of the Second Primary School of Vrontados. The event started at 8.30 a.m. in the school yard where children, teachers, parents and other guests gathered together. At the beginning, the headmaster greeted the guests and thanked everyone for their arriving on this special day.

The main attraction that day were the sports games, in which all the children from the school took part. They participated in many various games included relay race, running, games with hula-hup for the smallest children or handball played by the 6th class. Each competition was accompanied with funny music. Some of the interesting acts were several dances and gymnastic choreographies and exercises  between each of the disciplines. Not only those who won were happy but all of participants spent the time in a joyful atmosphere.

A performance of the first formers graced the last part of the show. Moreover, the sixth-graders finishing the education at this school, presented a brief skit and goodbye-act for the school, teachers and other pupils. The applause lasted for a long time.

Both, children and us, the volunteers, positively recall the last months at school because we spent many nice moments there.¬† The children did not only learn from us, but also we got a number of experiences thanks to the children and the teachers as well. We won’t meet with some volunteers after the holidays, but cheerful moments from the school will remain in our memory forever.

So we wish you, all children, awesome holidays and those who finished the primary school we wish successes in the further education!

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