Hand- and Football Tournament

On Thursday, the 23rd of May, the students of the Second Primary School participated in an athletic tournament with three teams consisting of pupils from the 4th, 5th and 6th class. Two of the teams, one male and one female, were playing handball against sides from other primary schools.

The third boy team was the first to play the football match against the team of the First Primary School of Vrontados, which proofed to be hard to fight. Shortly before the halftime ‘our’ boys managed to get the lead with the 1:0 after a beautiful corner with a perfect header by one of the smallest players – size doesn’t mean everything. But the counterattack didn’t wait too long, balancing the score to 1:1 shortly before the blast of the whistle. In the second half in contrary our team wasn’t blessed with luck, and though having a penalty shot, the final result of 1:3 was irrevocable.

After this unsatisfying start the event went inside the sports hall, where the girls could show that their training during the numerous sport lessons was not for nothing: With an incredible result of 9:3 they brought home the first victory of the day and relieved us of our initial worries. This, however, was just the beginning as it seemed after the rest of the boys demonstrated pure dominance over their opponents with an astonishing 10:2, mostly resulting from turnovers and counters.

Both class- and teammates celebrated their victories jubilant and also we were proud of the result the youngsters created that day. Though we also would like to think our Assistant Work during the Sports Lesson contributed to the children’s success, we know that they were the stars that day all by themselves. There are, however, the semi-finals the handball teams have to deal with, and maybe even the finals.

For this, we wish them and all participants the best of luck and most importantly, fun.

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