Excursion around Chios Island

The summertime starts now and so it’s the best time to make an excursion around the Island of Chios to visit different places. All the classes of the Primary School of Vrontados, their families and many teachers participated on one beautiful day at the beginning of June.

In the morning we started with three big buses and a few cars. At first we drove to Aepos mountain and enjoyed the amazing view of the sea. On the top of the hill one interested guide explained us a lot about the history there. Once, the Turkish military were based on Aepos and the Greek army tried to attack them to recapture Chios. We all know the end of the story: The Greek soldiers won!

Later we drove through the mountains and arrived on one chapel were it was possible to eat on a shadow place. Sitting down on different tables and benches, we started to eat our own food and some pupils were playing games. After we walked to several special trees, who are more than thousand years old. It was really interesting and we did some nice photos of the children.

Thereafter we drove to Pityos, a small amazing village in the North of Chios Island. It is built in a plateau of the mountainside of mount Oros, you have a good view of the mountains and even a look at the sea. There is an old Byzantine tower, a windmill and a few churches. Every class had the change to visit the tower and also we enjoyed the unique view to the mountains and to the sea. It was also very interesting to read something about the history inside the high tower.

Later the children, parents and teachers ate something in a nice tavern or their own food on a field. Meanwhile some children started to play football there. Afterwards some teachers and volunteers joined and it was really funny and nice to play all together. The most of the other children played on the playground and we joined sometimes to play around with them. Later we started off to the buses which drove us to the lovely village Lagkada.

Arrived there, we took a walk along the port and made some nice pictures. Many children with their parents or grandparents were sitting down in a tavern next to the sea. Later we went to the sport place to play basketball with some children. Soon it was time to leave. The pupils and their families went to the buses which carried them back to school.

It was a wonderful day with warm but not too hot weather. We really enjoyed this day with the children and would be happy to experience a nice event like this again.

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