The Start of the Summer Holidays

The 13th of June was the primary school’s final celebration leading into the summer holidays with a duration of three months. This grand and special celebration took place in the famous place of the Island: in Δασκαλοπετρα (“Daskalopetra”) near the “Homer Stone” with all the children that trained a performance since many weeks as a preparation.

Of course, for this great celebration all the parents, teachers and we were invited.
As I already mentioned, the volunteers participated in the preparation for this celebration. Therefore, we created a sailing boat of carton and we sang with the children, some of us even played instruments with them) and we practiced traditional dances.

The final celebration was really great. For the children of the 6th class, this was the last celebration in their friend’s constellation. Some of them were so sad that they started to cry while singing and meanwhile also the audience had to fight against it’s tears.

Also we, the volunteers enjoyed this day and journey through many Greek traditions. But the children were not only presenting Greek traditions, they also sag English songs so that we could understand each word. Of course, we do not need to understand every word to follow the celebration. We could understand the children and their stories by just seeing their facial expressions. Their friendly faces reminded each one of us that we experienced a great time in the school where we were actively working as assistant teachers for many months.

In the end of this celebration we helped to transfer all the needed material and had the chance to talk again to some children and the teachers because some of us will finish their project here in Greece before this summer break is over.

To sum it all up, it was again a great experience to participate in a school’s celebration. We appreciated the invitation a lot, that we were accepted to celebrate this important event together with the parents, siblings, teachers and of course as the main attraction on this day, the children.

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