3rd Primary School of Vrontados – Discovering of the byzantine period

Last week, with the 5th and the 6th grades, we went to the city to learn more about the byzantine period of Chios Island. First, we visited the byzantine museum, located in the center, in the Ottoman Mosque. It’s a small place, with one room. In the hall you can admire a reproduction of the painting of E. Delacroix : The Massacre of Chios. Inside the room, the exhibition is composed by architectural remains, paintings, artifacts like pottery…

Then we went to the castle of Chios, especially to visit the Turkish baths. On the way, we stopped in front of graves and got information about them from the teachers.

We also went to Saint George’s church, where there was initially a Byzantine church. Finally we arrived to the Turkish baths, where we had a guided tour.

And we finished this interesting excursion at the park of Chios city, to admire the peacocks and enjoy the sun.

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