2nd Primary School of Vrontados We and the children prettify the school wall with our painting

Children should grow up, learn, play and rollick in a friendly, optimistic and colorful environment that complies with them. Therefore, the school’s headmaster asked us volunteers to paint the grey wall that surrounds the gymnastics field with occasional support from the pupils.

Our aim was to create a fanciful, children-friendly and joyous image. Therefore, we decided to take one with a abstract landscape containing houses in all colors, the sea (well fitting to the Island’s Aegean Sea), birds and clouds. After we got the agreements and positive feedbacks from the teachers, we started to outline the rough shapes and contours on the concrete.

Now, the most difficult part of our work was done and we asked the students from all ages for help and support. Of course, all pupils participated with greatest pleasure and showed their artistic talents. Buildings were painted red, yellow and orange, the blue water got white, sparkling foam crowns and flowers as well as trees completed the imaginative scenery. Additionally, little hot air balloons were rising up to the sky covered by little clouds.

This open and practical work was strengthening the impartial relation between the children and us. Often, we got inspired by the pupils’ extraordinary and unique ideas. Whereas the boys and girls from the 1st up to the 6th class were accepting some guidelines we gave them for finally developing a harmonious picture.

The result met with approval and delight from us, the children and teachers. Punctually, we finished our mural for the celebration of the last school day before the summer vacation.

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