Final performance of the Kindergarten

I have to tell that after the play the parents also were so thankful for everything in this year, for our work and for taking care of their children. On Friday the 10th of June, the Children wore elegant outfits. Before 7.00 in the evening grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, older and younger siblings were coming to see the lovely kids. And even if they were a bit stressed, for their relatives it was amazing and the kids had their support. A Big event. Many people. A lot of preparing. Fun and plenty of smiling faces. Like that I could describe the final performance in the Kindergarten of Nenita. We were working on the dance choreography and how this performance could look. Everyone was involved. We prepared and put a lot of decorations, paintings and posters of the children, so the whole place was full of colorful stuff. Of course I have to mention also the great children who put their full strength in this play.

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