3rd Primary School of Vrontados Dance Celebration

Last week the third Primary School of Vrontados celebrated different dances from all over the world. We volunteers helped the whole year to collect, learn and teach dances from Italy, Spain, Germany, Cameroon and Poland.

And suddenly it was the end of the school year and time to present what the children learned in this time period.

They were super excited, just as us. Everybody was in their dance costume and many parents, grand parents, siblings and even students from the high school came to see the presentation.

One child of the sixth class commented every dance with some interesting information about the respective dance. The children were even better than expected and entertained us very well. It was awesome to see how much fun they had in every kind of dance.

The girls of the sixth class created their own dance and rocked the stage. In the end the whole school danced Sirtaki, a very popular traditional Greek Dance. The teachers and many parents came to us afterwards and thanked us for our great work. It was just something totally different to the usual presentations and beautiful to see the diversity of dances that create the same feeling of happiness and closeness between the participants.

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