2nd Primary School of Vrontados – Movie- and sound- studio

The last Thursday, the second of the month, the sixth class of the second primary school of Vrontados made an excursion to a music- and video-studio in Chios-city and we accompanied them there. The class will participate in a competition for short-movies and had finished the filming for it. For the spoken part they got the support of the members of the studio.

They recorded the parts in a soundproof room getting the information from the teacher over headphones form the outside room.

The employee showed us there how the recording works, how it is possible to change the sound of the voice and what all the buttons on the mixing table are for.

The children recorded for nearly two hours and they did really well.

When they finished with the recording, they were shown how the making of a movie works. They got simply explained how the cutting works based on a video which was made of the studio-members, the combining of sound and movie and how effects are inserted. What the effects are used for in film and sound and what the raised emotion should be like with each style of filming and the different inserted effects.
They also explained us how the time-laps photography works and for what kind of shots and topics it is used for, showing us an example they made.

All in all the day there was really interesting and educative and the children had a lot of fun.

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