2nd Primary School of Vrontados Crafting costumes for the summer theater play of the 1st class

The school year 2014/ 2015 is coming to its end and as every year the first class of the 2nd Primary School of Vrontados prepared a final theatre play over several weeks.
To every good artistic performance belong convincing costumes that stimulate the viewers’ imaginations and enable a better understanding of the shown story. Therefore, it was a pleasure for us volunteers to design and craft the children’s clothing and take part in that event in this way.

Out of carton, crepe paper, gold and silver foil and a lot of other materials, we started to cut and stick the shapes for wings, insect antennae, bird headdresses, beaks, plumage and star disguises. Afterwards, we drew colorful and suiting patterns on the handmade pieces. Slowly, slowly it got more obvious which kind of masks and costumes we were creating: Namely, the cloths for cicadas, ants and three different birds. Being creatively and practically required, we tried to do our best. Surely, our results were really respectable.


At the day of the celebration and the long-awaited staging, we helped the teacher of the first class to decorate the yard outside were the play later took place. Fanciful birds and butterflies were fixed in the surrounding trees and waved in the refreshing breeze. Fruits out of paper and baskets with pineapples and other findings of the woods made up nice scenery. There, our younger pupils dressed up as different animals and acted the plot about the summer, friendship and togetherness. Certainly, those values were not only performed on the stage, but also have been developed and grown over the past month between the children in real life. This final theater play and the earlier rehearsals strengthened this unity feeling and the relations between them.

Also we volunteers felt proud while taking photos of the live performance. We supported, accompanied, played, comforted and spend time with them for one year and that causes a close contact and trust.


Of course, we enjoyed our work on the costumes, the cooperation with pupils, teachers and parents and the theater play a lot and the staging was a great farewell in the summer. The audience was enthused as well and all children of the first class left the platform under big applause.

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