Excursion to Koraes Library

In October the weather on Chios island gets worse. Therefore it is the perfect moment to do excursions. The excursion of the third and second class of the primary school was to Korais Library, one of the largest libraries in Greece, which is located in Chios city. Our task was to assist the teachers with taking care of the children.

Our trip started at 8 o’clock in the morning. After reaching the library by bus, we met the guide, who introduced the children to the Korais Library. The presentation dealt with some facts about the building and its purpose and of course with all the details of their work and their exhibitions. Besides guarding the children during the tour, we had the chance to follow the presentation and by that the possibility to learn Greek vocab in a non-formal way and to test our knowledge of the Greek language. It was a very positive experience to notice that we were able to figure out the topic of most parts of the presentation. Therefore now some facts about Korais Library:

It was founded in 1792 as a part of Great Chian School and became one of the largest libraries with 130.000 volumes. Next to this enormous inventory, it hosts exhibitions dealing with Chios and the history of Greece. Traditional clothes, furniture, tools and of course books from the 15th century were not just highlights for the children.

During breaks or waiting for the bus, we had the opportunity to combine our guarding-task with little games. We learned how to play “Stone-Scissors-Paper” in Greek and taught the children how to play it in our mother-tongues. This non-formal way to improve our knowledge of the Greek language was fun.

Visit our website www.chios.com to read more about the Korais Library.

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