2nd Primary School of Vrontados: Excursion to Kambos

On March 18th with the 2nd Primary school of Vrontados with the 1st and 2nd class we went to visit Kambos village which is situated souther than Chios city.
This part of the island is famous for the grown of oranges and lemons because it’s a flat territory. The history of the island remind us the big commerce of oranges and mandarins there was until the last century from Chios until all the Europe through Genoa. So, Italians came here to build estate and orchards to grow more and export.

We went to visit an orchard inside this estate that now is a famous hotel and after we went to visit an other orchard, bigger, and the main building has became a beautiful museum which host a lot of ancient tools and objects but, most of all the history of the place which has been through lot of nobles families that were exploiting the farm for commerce purposes. In this estate there is also a cafe bar where they sell specialities made with fruit and delicious homemade cakes.

In the end of the visit children had a snack and play around the orchard.
It’s beautiful and relaxing and most of all important and interesting place for the history of the island.
We had a great time with school and visit this place has been amazing.

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