Excursion to the Beach of Daskalopetra

In the morning of the 10th of October, the volunteers got a call that they were not going to school as it was actually planned, since we had to finish painting the walls in the library of the primary school for the New-Opening-Celebration.

Instead we went to the near beach “Daskalopetra” to assist the teachers in playing with the children and bringing them safely back to the school.

When we arrived, the children were already absorbed in their team sports like football and basketball. We took a look at the children’s activities, and then everyone chose the game he or she wanted to join in.

It was not really difficult to get included, and though there were no fixed teams, just playing with the kids was a lot of fun: Trying to get the ball, running after them and cheering when someone scored a goal. During the game, the pupils were very patient with us volunteers, for example in explaining different ways on how to shoot a goal, and some of them even began to speak English get us to know us even better in the short breaks.

Because of the burning sun, it ‘only’ came to one game. After this, the children enjoyed the time next to the water with just shooting goals, changing the group to play something differently in a group or even alone on the playground.

All the volunteers appreciated the time with the pupils and it was really great to see the interest of the youngsters in everyone of us when they started some smalltalk.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the beach because the pupils had to go back to their school for lessons, but we are pretty sure everyone had a great time, and the children will not forget this day so soon!

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